Lion Story is a Burundian reggae band very popular in East Africa, composed of 6 members. They are very popular for their conscious strand of music that draws thousands of reggae lovers and dwellers to their concerts. In their genesis most of Lion Story’s messages were driven by the prevailing issues of violence and injustice in Burundi, thus they chose to promote the restoration of peace and justice through music.

The music of Lion Story is a blend of Afro-Cuban styles especially reggae and Burundian traditional music. Listening to them, one cannot help feeling the nostalgia of their fine reggae tunes, especially if you are a fan of authentic reggae vibes. The band has rrecorded several singles such as "Urigitangaza" released in 2023, "Rastaman Arise ft C. Wyne Nalukalala", "Come Fi Chill", "Selassie Sprit ft Razouf", ''Uragahoraho'' and ''Rwihinda'' released in 2021. ''Kibondo canje'' and ''Liwana'' released in 2020 and 3 studio Albums to date: Revolution Time 2013, Ikangure 2011 and Independent 2009.

''People love our songs because we speak their mind, their thoughts, worries and grievances”, Says Lion Story